Tits Deep

My heart grows more and more with each run, every stoke, every boat flip, and every booty beer! All while screaming at the top of my lungs because we just conquered what you thought was going to be the impossible.


The Soulful River

Rivers are the veins of our exsistence. Without them we would live in a drastically different world. This is something that I have come to cherish and embrace.  Starting on the snowcapped peaks and ending in the mysterious ocean, rivers take a journey so powerful that they shape our world.

The River of No Return

Since I've become a full blown river rat, I've heard of this beautiful place that you have to see. A place where you will find a connection with nature that's indescribable. I was told it will change your life, and your love of rafting. So that's what I did, I headed out to finally explore the Salmon … Continue reading The River of No Return

Creature Craft 2016

Showing up to the North Fork Payette Creature Craft camp this year, I already knew what to expect; amazing boats, whitewater, and even better people. I was greeted by the owners Darren Vancil and George Nuckols. Two boaters that I met at last years camp. The Creature Craft crew comes to the North Fork every … Continue reading Creature Craft 2016

For Fear and Glory

For Fear and Glory The North Fork of the Payette. That is about all that needs to be said to start this story. A river long feared by many and rafted by few. This fear rightfully so. A river so mean and powerful that few take the chance to raft it. My move to Idaho … Continue reading For Fear and Glory